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Whats Important To You?

I can promise you this: I am committed to the People. I am your employee. I believe in community, unity, and setting an example for my children. I am effective. I approach challenges from all angles and I listen. There is not one doubt in my mind that I will be a strong and fair representative, accessible, transparent and communicative. I will be present. I will show up. Here are some issues I will work on with your vote.
Reducing the Tax Burden

I will collaborate with our elected officials in the New York State Senate, Assembly, and Governership, to deliver tax relief. I will hold the current elected officials accountable with respect to their proposed solutions and budget votes. I will continue to advocate for the North Rockland Community to immediately address the burden placed on the taxpayer from the corporate overreach of Mirant Energy. The school districts are paying an unsustainable amount of money. Cuts to programs in our school districts because of this burden are unacceptable, and I will work diligently and creatively to put together an action plan to mitigate the burden on all of our residents affected in the district.


I will continue to support the fight against the defunding of our school districts and hold New York State accountable for maintaining a sound and secure education for our children. I will support funding our educators and sustaining the vital programs such as art, music, theater, and other electives that are essential to a well-rounded learning experience for our young students. My years-long advocacy as a successful, pro se litigant in Federal and Appelate Court compells me to defend the rights of all persons with disabilities in the educational environment and beyond. My focus is and always will be on the fair and just treatment of students with special needs. 

Mental Health

I As a decades long employee of RC Dept of Social Services and Mental Health, I understand the importance of an urgent need for awareness, education, and treatment. Community based, hands-on support is missing and I will be proactive in pursuing grants and funding for such programs. I will also advocate for targeted and creative programs to engage our youth. I am a "Certified Angel" for the Hope Not Handcuffs Organization. This organization assists police with placement of persons suffering from substance abuse into treatment programs instead of jail. I continue to advocate as a Pro Se litigant in Federal Court for the rights of the disabled and I have specialized knowledge of IEDA/504/ADA Law.  As a current "Angel" for the organization Hope Not Handcuffs, I will assist our local police with helping those that suffer from substance abuse disorders, and find treatment and placement in lieu of jail. 

Revitalization and Development

I will continue to support responsible development as well as pursue and attract small and medium-sized businesses while preserving our historical relevance and open spaces in our communities. I will work toward financing the purchase of distressed industrial zones through grants, public-private partnerships, and issuing municipal bonds. I will address multi-generational issues regarding affordable housing, and support opportunities for young families and seniors to thrive in our community. It is also important to me to improve our collaboration with the world class recreational areas of Bear Mountain, Palisades Park, and Harriman Park. 


I am a strong advocate for preserving our resources which need to be carefully considered prior to development or decisions to grant developers variances to our town zoning laws. What happened in Monroe as a result of the Palm Tree Water use is Unacceptable! I'm in support of CUPON's approach and will assist James Skoufis in keeping our district free from code and building violations, inappropriate and unsafe land use and overuse of our resources. 

Infrastructure and Transportation

I will actively oppose gasification plants as I did with New Planet Energy at the Kay Fries Site in Stony Point. I will follow up my FOIL for records from DEC and promote green energy solutions to save our residents money while protecting the environment in the long run. I will work to expand our transportation options, create increased bus routes to more locations, and explore and pursue commuter rail ideas with developers and local and state officials. I will oppose mixed use, high-density development in our district that will stress our resources more than they are designed to handle currently. Municipalities should maintain their facilities appropriately.  

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